Landing Page Tune-Ups by Nick Nichols
Focused Marketing Messaging that Attracts Pre-Qualified Prospects and Converts them into Long-Term Buyers Who Will Pay You Premium Prices

invest in a high-performance landing page tune-up

Click here to invest in a high-performance landing page tune-up.

Expensive Problem: It’s difficult enough for native English speakers to write compelling, attention-getting sales copy that motivates qualified buyers to read it and act on it. My ongoing research, conducted over 25 years, has found that as of March, 2023, 97% of native English-speaking businesses have weak, inner-focused, jargon-heavy sales copy on their home page and elsewhere that is causing qualified prospects to click away, never to return!

So if native English speakers have trouble creating marketing messaging that works, where does that leave you if you are a marketing stakeholder in an international business where English is not your first language? Having reviewed hundreds of international business home pages, I can tell you that nearly all of them need help. Maybe you’re different, but the best way to tell is to click here to invest in a high-performance landing page tune-up.

Nick Nichols, the world's first USPologist

Nick Nichols is the world’s first USPologist™.

Why does good marketing messaging matter?

In today’s attention deficit, sound bite, fast-cut edit world, you must communicate what you do, who you do it for, and the positive results you deliver, in ten seconds or less – especially on your website home page! Learn more…

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“Little people with little minds and little imaginations go through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes that would jar their little worlds.” – Zig Ziglar