Landing Page Tune-Ups by Nick Nichols
Landing page and LinkedIn profile tune-ups by branding and positioning expert, Nick Nichols.

Why you need a high-performance landing page tune-up right now!

Most commercial websites were created by graphic designers, programmers or freelance developers. They may mean well, but because they’re not marketers or copywriters, they tend to emphasize visual appeal over engagement and conversion. Or they try to emulate other sites in your industry. It’s the blind leading the blind. When your landing page lacks all the essential success components, visitors get confused and are unlkely to buy.

You'll get a personalized 20-minute, 10-point tune-up video.

Book a high-performance landing page tune-up and you’ll get a 20-minute video that identifies the engagement and conversion killers that are causing visitors to click away and never return.

I’ll review your unique selling proposition (USP), customer focus ratio (CFR), layout, graphics, audience targeting, primary offer, calls-to-action, loading speed, security, and meta tags.

You'll get a landing page action plan that details what to fix.

To accompany your personalized tune-up video, you’ll get a checklist that shows you exactly what needs to be done to improve your landing page to get better results.

Even a small conversion rate boost could mean thousands in increased revenue. Why let a poor-converting landing page block people from doing business with you? Book a high-performance landing page tune-up now.

More engagement, more conversions, more money in your bank account!

Implementing my suggestions should increase your engagement and conversion dramatically. This means more money for you. Your investment is peanuts compared to the results you can expect.

But if you do nothing to improve your landing page, nothing will change and you will leave money on the table. Click here to take action now before the price goes up!

60-day Risk-Free Guarantee! You must be completely happy or your money back.

When you click here to book a high-performance landing page tune-up and you are not delighted with my recommendations, I will insist on refunding 100% of your investment.

But if you’re like the 100+ website operators I’ve helped you will see how making small changes can generate huge results. Book a tune-up now, preempt your competitors, and watch your revenues soar.

How the High-Performance Landing Page Tune-up Process Works:

Wondering why your landing page isn’t converting? The answers are 72 hours away. I’ve helped more than 100 SaaS, B2B services and consulting businesses convert more visitors into buyers using this 3-step process:

Click here to book a landing page tune-up.
Learn how to transform your landing page into a conversion machine.
Publish your new landing page and see your conversions increase dramatically!

About Nick

Has helped 1000s of businesses increase revenues and profits since 1995
Completed 100+ high-performance landing page tune-ups
Author of more than a dozen books on sales and marketing
Expert in finding hidden and underused marketing assets
WordPress optimization expert (for fast-loading web pages)

Copywriting Expert Nick Nichols

Branding and Positioning Expert Nick Nichols


What will I get and how soon will I get it?

Within 72 hours of payment you’ll receive a personalized ten-point video review of your landing page that details opportunities to improve engagement and increase conversions. You’ll also get a Landing Page Action Plan PDF for easy reference.

I’ll review your unique selling proposition (USP), customer focus ratio (CFR), layout, graphics, audience targeting, primary offer, calls-to-action, loading speed, security, and meta tags.

Why do I need a Landing Page Tune-up?

It’s likely that no matter who created your website you’ve never had a trusted third-party expert review your landing page and other components. As a result, there’s a 97% chance that your landing page has opportunities to improve your engagement and boost your conversions.

If you needed major surgery, wouldn’t you get a second opinion? Most people would. Yet when it comes to their landing page, many people have never thought of getting a second opinion. If you are doing everything right I will tell you and I won’t charge you. But if your landing page is like 97% of those I’ve reviewed, there are engagement and conversion issues that need to be fixed. Wouldn’t it be great to know about them?

If you’re serious about using your website to get qualified prospects to take positive action on your behalf, you can’t afford not to invest in a high-performance landing page tune-up.

Wasn’t my designer supposed to optimize my landing page?

Ideally, yes, but in reality, it rarely happens!

From the beginning of (internet) time, most commercial websites have been created by graphic designers, programmers, or freelance developers. Or they were do-it-yourself projects “to save money.” Or they were pre-fab templates from places like GoDaddy, Wix, or an industry-specific provider. As a result, they tend to emphasize visual appeal over engagement and conversion, and revenues stagnate. Or they suffer from “inner-focus-itis” that repels visitors instead of keeping them on the page.

If you’re serious about using your website to get qualified prospects to take positive action on your behalf, you need a high-performance landing page tune-up. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table.

Why a 20-minute video?

You don’t need to pay an expensive agency or freelancer to improve your landing page!

Look, I’ve been reviewing landing pages since 1995. I’m amazed that since I started, 97% of website operators continue to make the same profit-killing mistakes. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Although your video will be about 20 minutes, I’ll spend as much prep time as it takes to assess your landing page and recommend what needs fixing. Using video is the best way to communicate this in an understandable, easy-to-follow way.

Why don’t you charge more?

I priced my tune-ups to make it a no-brainer decision for anyone who wants to increase engagement, boost conversions and make more money.

Although your video will be 20 minutes or so, it takes a lot more time for me to do a preliminary review of your landing page, compile screenshots, make the video, edit it if necessary, render it to an mp4, create the PDF checklist, and upload everything to my server for viewing.

My primary goal is to empower you to make more conversions and increase revenues. It’s very possible that implementing my recommendations will result in a return of many times your investment. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

My secondary goal is for you to be so utterly delighted with your tune-up that you will send me a glowing testimonial, recommend me to your friends, and maybe hire me to do other things for you.

Why can’t I just l do this myself?

Permit me to share something with you.

Years ago I was a copywriting coach for a major online learning center. I had over 100 students in the three years I was with them. I made every effort to teach people how to create compelling headlines, compose interest-keeping lead-ins, and write engaging sales copy that converted prospects into buyers. But because copywriting and content creation is much harder than it looks, and despite my best efforts, most people just couldn’t do it effectively.

I’ve been blessed with the innate ability to turn words into money. I say this, not to brag, but because becoming a great copywriter is a combination of having inherent skills and constantly learning more about and perfecting my craft. Being able to create a 20-minute tune-up video for you has taken me 25+ years of practice!

I can almost hear you thinking that it would be a great decision to invest in a high-performance video tune-up for your landing page.

“I wish I’d done this sooner!” is what you’ll say after you invest in a high-performance landing page tune-up, implement my recommendations, and see your visitor engagement and conversions increase dramatically!